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A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight, back walking in a Winter Wonderland.


The Main Hall Bavarian Village

It is with grerat pride I can announce my return to the Bavarian Village at Winter Wonderland Hyde Park, London.

This will be my 7th festive season appearing at the largest venue of the largest festive event in Europe.

It opens at 4pm 21st Nov 2019 and then 10am – 10pm every day until 5 Jan 2020

If you've never been let me tell you a bit about The Bavarian Village first. I've already mentioned it's the largest venue at the event with 4 stages providing a variety of live music. The Almhutte is an authentic Bavarian dining experience complete with Oompah Band and guest singers.

The Rotunda stage is set in the middle of a covered 1000 seat bar. The stage itself rotates so that the band or live act performing can be seen from all angles.

The Main Hall (Tent) holds a couple of thousand revellers with live entertainment lunchtimes on most days from the Legendary Joseph and then in the evening from Party Band Frontal. I also occasionally appear on this stage. This is also where the other main food outlets is situated.

The Outside Stage, this is the stage that you will find me on most days I'm there. Its an open sided cube wrapped around a "May Tree". I'll be there singing a variety of Swing, Christmas favourites, Soul & Motown and of course all the usual party songs. Including my christmas single release Dominick the Donkey (release date to be confirmed)

To find the outside stage look for the giant animatronic statue of Mr Sepp (he's the guy talking to the bird in his hand) The outside stage is never far from him.


23rd - 2pm till 6pm

24th - 6pm till 10pm

25th - 5pm till 10pm

26th - 5pm till 10pm

27th - 5pm till 10pm

28th - 3pm till 7pm

29th - 3pm till 7pm


5th - 3pm till 7pm

7th - 2pm till 6pm

8th - 2pm till 6pm

9th - 5pm till 10pm

10th - 5pm till 10pm

11th - 5pm till 10pm

12th - 3pm till 7pm

13th - 3pm till 7pm

19th - 3pm till 7pm

20th - 2pm till 6pm

21st - 2pm till 6pm

22nd - 2pm till 6pm

23rd - 5pm till 10pm

24th - 5pm till 10pm


27th - 2pm till 6pm

28th - 6pm till 10pm

29th - 2pm till 10pm

30th - 5pm till 10pm

31st - 5pm till 10pm


1st - 5pm till 10pm

2nd - 5pm till 10pm

3rd - 5pm till 10pm

4th - 5pm till 10pm

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